History of Haryana

Desan me des Haryana, Jit doodh Dahi ka khana…

The title Haryana signifies the abode of God. It’s a mix of two Sanskrit words’Hari’ meaning God and Ayana’ meaning dwelling. It’s a property where guests are treated equivalently to god. Haryana signifies the face of contemporary India. The one that is heralding the long run nonetheless prides itself of being suspended in its own glorious culture.

Now Haryana is positioned one of one of the strangest and most economically developed areas in South Asia. Haryana is a vibrant kaleidoscope of diverse landscapes, showcasing magnificent archaeology and observing culture and art. A country that has surpassed on travel and maintained the best of the two worlds — both the footprints of this bygone age and futuristic vision. From being known as paradise on earth’ in early Sanskrit texts into becoming the bedrock of Indus valley culture, Haryana has among the very unique histories.


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